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On my initial visit I was in pain and could not use my arm to perform even simple tasks associated with daily living activities. During the two months of physical therapy treatments my pain has been eliminated. I am regaining my strength and range of movement of my shoulder and left arm. I believe with a continued exercise program, I will eventually have my total range of motion back. Thank you! –Mary L. Muhlig

I was in a lot of pain and had next to no flexibility in my arm and shoulder. Pain made it difficult to deal with not being able to do things. Also not sleeping good at night made life miserable. I’ve had a lot of progress. The pain is much less and the flexibility is improving. Now I can sleep better and do things as far as work more freely.–William Stickle

My ankle was swollen and very stiff. I had burning pain up the outside of the ankle & bone. There was very little range of motion or flexibility. I hobbled a lot to compensate, found it difficult to go up and down stairs or get up and down from the floor to do household chores.I’m much more comfortable (less pain) and am gaining flexibility & range of motion back. I don’t hobble anymore. I’m so glad I came to Austin Therapy for help. They’ve been very gentle and encouraging during therapy sessions, at the same time, they’ve pushed me to try and do more (which I need)Thanks to everyone! –Lynda Engle

When I first came to the Mary Austin Clinic my right knee prevented me from walking without canes. I had difficulty going up and down stairs. I had difficulty sleeping. After sessions – about 2 or 3 per week – I have almost no pain in the knee, I am walking normally and sleeping well. The swelling has almost disappeared. The exercises and movements demonstrated and used and used as a progressive course have been enormously beneficial. The professionalism and care given by my two therapists, Jenny & Eileen have been exemplary. I could not be more pleased with the treatment I have experienced. 9/4/03–Shaun Plunket

I was in a lot of pain when I first started with my physical therapy due to damaged ligaments in my right shoulder from an injury in January on the job. Dr. Dohner referred me to Austin Physical Therapy when I finally complained that I wasn’t sleeping and had very limited movement of my right arm, without pain. Since my therapy began, the staff here has worked with me on proper exercise routines, ultra sound, heat & electrical impulses. What a difference! I’m sleeping better, arm movement has improved and not as much pain.–William K. McDoal

It is with great pleasure that I write this success story because mine is truly a process which began with great pain and disability. After a crush injury, which happened last May I had almost constant pain, swelling and walked with a limp with my right foot turned outward. After seeing my orthopedic Doctor for many months he suggested I try PT. When I began with Austin Physical Therapy in September I must admit that I had very little hope for improvement since it had been over 4 months since my accident occurred. It began as a slow process but under their constant care, using exercise, massage and ultra sound I began to feel daily improvement. The time I spent in PT was always positive and I never felt rushed or left with questions unanswered. I am happy to say that after just 2 months of PT I am now able to walk again without a limp and have only limited pain. I am sure that as I continue with the exercise at home the pain will only become less and less. I still can’t believe how far I’ve come thanks to Austin Physical Therapy.– Gloria Smith

My problem with my back and shoulders actually started in the early 90’s. I was doing a lot of lifting and back straining. As the year’s progressed without Austin Therapy, I was in extreme pain. A 10 without hesitating.I was unable to do any real work, even in my garden.After treatments on my neck and now my back I find my body is now an overall 4. Big difference with Mary doing treatments and teaching me exercises to better my life style and allow me to do what I like and want to do without a lot of pain.–Janet Fersch