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Athletes, dancers, chronic pain, orthopedic conditions, children with developmental disabilities, the elderly, post-op patients, people with incontinence or pelvic pain. We provide individualized, intensive rehabilitation for those sustaining injuries or for those recovering from surgery. We use evidence-based treatments that are individualized based on the patient's symptoms, our evaluation findings, patient goals, and the therapist's clinical experience to develop and individualized treatment plan.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Services

Austin Physical Therapy, PLLC has had over 30 years experience in pediatric physical therapy services in many settings including acute care, intensive care, rehabilitation, school and home care settings. We provide evaluation, treatment and consultative services to public schools, preschool programs and early intervention programs in Sullivan, Delaware and Ulster Counties. We work with newborn (including premature) babies to 21 year old pediatric clients. Episodes of care can be short term for sports injuries, orthopedic problems, or mild developmental delays. Other clients who have more significant developmental delays or motor coordination concerns may require longer courses of intervention. Our philosophy is to enhance children’s individual abilities while encouraging independence in functional skills within the natural environments of home, school and community. Our therapists integrate neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT), sensory integration (SI) and motor learning approaches to intervention as indicated by the motor, sensory and behavioral needs.

Developmental Delay (mild to severe)
Spina Bifida
Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries
Traumatic Head Injuries
Cerebral Palsy
Sports Injuries
Pediatric Orthopedics

Acute and chronic neck pain

Acute and chronic back pain


Disc herniation

Degenerative disc disease





carpal tunnel 


Stroke-Cerebrovascular accident

Tramatic Brain Injury

Brachial Plexus Injuries

​Vestibular-Balance issues

Hip, knee, and ankle pain/conditions

Post bone fracture​

Shoulder pain

Rotator cuff impairments

Pre/Post operative conditions

Hip joint replacement

Knee joint replacement

Shoulder replacement

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