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Austin Physical Therapy, PLLC accepts the following health insurance plans.

​Most major medical insurance plans cover physical therapy as part of their benefits. A doctor's prescription is necessary in most cases for coverage of physical therapy services although this will vary with direct access rules.  We will thoroughly research your insurance coverage for physical therapy before your first visit to ensure that you are fully informed before beginning care. 

Direct Access

Direct access allows physical therapists to evaluate and treat clients for 10 visits or 30 days (whichever comes first) without a doctor's referral.​ Many insurance companies support direct access since the doctors and insurance companies  find that the physical therapy is successful within the 30 day time frame. After a thorough history and evaluation, your physical therapist will refer you to a physician if the initial assessment suggests that you need a medical evaluation and/or tests to rule out causes for your symptoms that will not respond to physical therapy intervention.


Medicare Advantage

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield   

Workers Compensation 
No Fault Insurance 


United Healthcare
Hudson Health 
Fidelis Care


No Fault Insurance

Patient deductibles and co-payments may be made by cash or check. We currently do not accept credit cards. Payment plans are available for those without insurance coverage. Please contact our billing staff with any questions, 607-498-5653.

​​We are providers for the following Insurance Companies

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